Frequency Forward Studio specializes in artist development, producing small to large scale recording projects, mixing and mastering. 


The studio is located in Port Moody, BC just 30 minutes from

downtown Vancouver and has some of the finest sound equipment

to mix, re-mix, and track all live instruments.  


Frequency Forward uses an SSL AWS 900+SE Console

and ATC SCM25A monitors.


The studio has some of the best high-end microphones

used in modern recording. 

mic cabinet


The Telefunken ELA M12F is great for vocals.  



As a Producer/Engineer, Hill utilizes outboard analog gear including

3 Bricasti M7 reverbs, Distressors, SSL Dynamics,

Dangerous Compressor, SPL Pass EQ and

SPL Iron Mastering Compressor.  


Frequency Forward also has all UAD, Waves,

Autotune and Melodyne plugins.  

Miles Foxx Hill plays a Riviere and Hawkes,

French Acoustic Bass made in 1893.


Fodera in New York focusses on finely crafted bass guitars

and Miles added this Fodera Bass to his collection of instruments.



The Yamaha C3 Grand Piano mic'd up with

a stereo pair of Neumann TLM103s.